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Mission statement

Our mission is to work on projects with global impact, with our partners who are vibrant, passionate and are driven to succeed. We help them to define “white space” opportunities and create well defined strategies and action plans that are intelligent, and evidence based, to minimise risk and drive maximum value and deliver growth.


At INTUITY GROUP we never stop looking for new ways to deliver value. We constantly monitor how our evolving culture changes, what is expected; how emerging technologies change, what is possible; and how existing expertise can be applied to grow adjacent markets.


We bring, insight and experience, blending human understanding, creative thinking and business expertise to all of our dealings and our demonstrated True Results© are the product of a disciplined and rigorous approach to challenges for growth and wealth creation.


We have expertise in identifying the white spaces in the business ecosystem; opportunities that are just emerging and are not yet clearly articulated. We then apply the opportunities and solutions to become exceptional market leaders.


We take early risk in businesses, investing where we can add significant value through applying and sharing the expertise our team has built over many decades’ combined experience of founding, building, internationalising and exiting companies.


This breadth provides us with a uniquely multi-faceted exposure to the world’s many markets and business activities. It also gives us the broad perspective that is sometimes necessary to deliver truly innovative solutions.

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