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Our support is long-term


Our commitment to our businesses is a long-term partnership to build major global businesses. That is the scale of our ambition. We know this takes patience, experience, energy, and a long-term mindset. This means we work closely with our operating companies and the support we provide is long-term and deeply aligned with founding teams. We take a board seat, we bring in other investors and advisors, we provide long-term capital, and we focus on providing robust support and help.

Our network is extensive and global


Our network is extensive and global, and we work closely with our companies to unlock our network for them. We have a highly experienced and diverse team, notable investors from across the globe, a portfolio of fast growing businesses, and a range of distinguished venture partners and advisors. We connect our companies with investors, partners, customers, governments, and peers across the globe. We put this team to work for the benefit of all our companies, to help them reach their full potential.

Our platform is best-in-class


We offer a platform of best-in-class partnerships, to support our companies to efficiently scale at speed with everything from IT stack to design & brand to business support services (in-house legal and accounting).

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