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What we believe


We are guided by our mission and values to have a transformative impact. The way we engage and bring value and abide by our commitments to excellence is key. We have unwavering dedication always to do the right thing by our clients, partners, our people and our communities.


As reflected by the INTUITY brand, we have continued to be innovators of services and products. Our proprietary tools and services are designed to set new standards for valuations, assessments and risk management.   

It is our entrepreneurial spirit and culture that is never satisfied.

Results, not reports

Our fundamental principle and corporate motto is to deliver true results and not just reports,  breaking the mould of cumbersome, expensive and slow processes. We are going against the norm, breaking the rules of traditional consulting by delivering customised strategies that help clients beat their competition.


We share our clients ambitions and alongside them turn recommendations into concrete actions. 

Putting our money where our mouth is

INTUITY engages in various "tied economics" arrangements with our clients, allowing us to better align our financial incentives with client outcomes. Our people are passionate about creating bottom-line results for clients. Aligned economics arrangements fall right in line with our commitment.


We prosper only if the client prospers.

Real-time enterprise 

Fact based strategy with integrated real-time measurements to continuously recalculate and

refocus on predicting, measuring and managing risk associated with the change from day one.


The result: a considerable increase in the odds of success, supported by our experts and dedicated partners within the client's organisation.

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